December 25, 2005

Mike Klander, the writing on the wall.

Merry Christmas,

Paul Wells points out this dead blog by an Ontario Liberal organizer. I can't find the story anywhere else so I asked Paul Wells via e-mail which Star reporter was it that got into trouble, and this is his reply.
Susan Delacourt. Maybe only on their election blog, which should be easy to find but I can't. Anyway several readers saw it in the Star or one of its appendages and Susan confirmed it for me. cheers pw

Should be gold for the Ontario Conservatives and the NDP as the second half of the campaign heats up. Who is Mike Klander? Soon to be a household name.

There is still a story waiting to be told in B.C., see TDH Strategies for Dec.16,21 and 23.

Warren Kinsella eludes to it here
December 20, 2005 - It being the holiday season, when one sees happy scenes like this, one wants to think about snow, not snow.

Snow what I mean?

(He will, soon enough!)

So Paul Martin has questionable friends working for him in Ontario and B.C., perhaps planting seeds to the next big scandal. Wasn't it the friends of Chretien once being appointed to power positions that fed Federal money to even more friends of Liberals.

I think Liberals should be very concerned, imagine no electoral prospects in Ontario, B.C. and Quebec for a generation or longer.

If the CBC, CTV, The Globe & Mail, and The Star went after Paul Martin's gang of thugs, like they do to Bush and the Conservatives in Canada, the Liberal Party could become extinct. Can it happen? Of course, where is Mulroney's party?

The Liberals were already write offs in Alberta and now Quebec, it seems. Sound Familiar? It should, for it was the very same Provinces that most dramatically rejected the Progressive Conservatives by electing Reformers and Bloq candidates.

Liberals have admitted their poor chances in Quebec, for how long? Who knows. I do know that if they go for the hat tick by destroying their electoral chances due to scandal in B.C. or Ontario, they are done for. If or when the NDP moves to the center/left they will be ever more likely to replace the Liberals, filling the spectral void created by the Grit's implosion.

The writing on the wall is not Seasons Greetings.


More from Mike Klander; Chow, Ambrose and Rahim, Chretien, the disabled, The reason for a spring election Thanks Patrick!

Upperdate: Mike has resigned! Nuff said.


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